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Commemorating The Historic 28th July and 5th August Martyr Days

While commemorating the historic 28th July we are bound to recall the history. 1967 to 1972, in these few years the Communist movement of India started a new journey through a new path. We are the inheritors and partners of the same.
Leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee taught us that in 1967 respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar has personally created the invincible Naxalbari. The United Front government was in power at that time and the chieftain of that government was the home minister Jyoti Bose, the agent of imperialism in disguise of a communist.
They tried to curb the peasant’s struggle of Naxalbari by killing peasants and women but they failed miserably. The struggle of Naxalbari expanded across all corners of India, and the name of Naxalbari is still shining in the pages of the world history. At that time, those who opposed Naxalbari are still benefitting themselves using the name of Naxalbari and by acting as a stooge of the oppressor classes. On the other hand, unmasking the fake naxals the real proletarian class is still in the war field.
In the year 1969, respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar personally built the great glorious and accurate revolutionary party – the CPI (M-L). The real revolutionaries of India united to turn Naxalbari into a prairie fire. Historic student movement ushered in Calcutta, thousands upon thousands of young students farther extended the struggle of Naxalbari by overcoming careerism and kicking off the bourgeoisie education system and leaving their respective homes. In order to extend the armed agrarian revolution numerous youth laid down their lives. Also on the other hand by taking the lives of the class enemies they created panic among the reactionaries and the swindler “Marxists.” The same panic exists even at present.
Through the incident of the peasants seizing rifles in Magurjaan, respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar declared the formation of the People’s Army. The great People’s Army is proving its existence in different corners. The vast liberated zone was formed in Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh. Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar personally kindled the flames of guerrilla war following the Theory of People’s War of Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao.
In the month of May 1970 the First (Eighth) Party Congress was organised and the complete programme and constitution of the party was adopted. Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar unanimously became the helmsman of the party and leader of the party respected Comrade Saroj Dutta became his close comrade in arms. The crooks within the Party were jealous as they could not grasp any leadership role in the revolutionary party. They conspired and first compromised leader of the party respected Comrade Saroj Dutta to the reactionary police forces. On the midnight of 4/5th August 1971 the police under the direction of the ruling class murdered leader of the party respected Comrade Saroj Dutta. The scoundrel revisionist swindler “Marxists” were a party of this conspiracy, and hence after several years they still hush up regarding this very murder.
Next was 28th July of 1972. Regarding this very day, our leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee said after correctly analysing: “Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar has martyred. This is an irrevocable loss for us. We could not protect him. On the other hand he has martyred as per the requirement of history itself.”
Within the duration of the few years ranging from 1967 to 1972 respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar shook the world. We did lost respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar, however his contributions will always shine in the arsenal of the Communist movement as very specific revolutionary line and guidance. This is the very reason that leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee correctly placed the slogan after the martyrdom of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar :”Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar is alive. He is alive within the very CPI (M-L) personally built by him, he is alive among the people.”
Therefore, at present, the martyr days of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and leader of the party respected Comrade Saroj Dutta are observed with much respect by the revolutionaries around the world, and they will continue to do so. They have still done more thorough researches in understanding the deep significance of the martyrdom of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and leader of the Party respected Comrade Saroj Dutta, and we are eager to learn from them so that we can march ahead on new paths of revolutionary practice.
Revolutionaries from different corners of the world are supporting this very revolutionary party of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar. We offer millions of red greetings to them for the heroic struggles waged by them in their own countries.
We conclude this obituary with the historic quote of leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee -: “Come on Comrades, let us realise victory, and with our last drop of blood let us make successful the vision of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar.”
Long Live The Historic 28th July – 5th August.


In Memory Of Martyrs—Respected leader Com.Charu Mazumdar

AT midnight of 4th and 5th August the police captured Comrade Saroj Dutta and on that very night shot him dead secretly.
Chairman has said: “It is not hard for one to do a bit of good. What is hard is to do good all one’s life and never do anything bad, to act consistently in the interests of the broad masses, the young people and the revolution, and to engage in arduous struggle for decades on end. That is the hardest thing of all!”

Comrade Saroj Dutta was such a comrade and his entire life was spent in working for the revolution.
There is no reactionary force which did not fear his pen which was as sharp as a razor. That is why the police force did not even dare enact the farce of a trial, they murdered him on that night itself.

Like all reactionary powers of the world the lndian Government and its accomplices – all the reactionary and revisionist parties-want to arrest the march of revolution by resorting to mass murders on a wide scale. In the Cossipore-Baranagar area they unitedly entered into a conspiracy and murdered over a hundred youths. The police and the goondas who committed the murders were engaged for the purpose by all those rogues who, in the name of restoring “Law and Order”, were holding conferences with a view to preserving this man-eating system and uniting against the revolutionaries. Today when their mask is falling off their face before the people, when it is no longer difficult for the people to recognise the blood-stained hand of the murderers, they have come forward to show sympathy for the murdered revolutionary youths to hide their devilry.They executed the same conspiracy in Barasat and Uttarpara.
The orgy of murder in which they indulged in the Cossipore and Baranagar area has surpassed all previous records of their demoniac acts.

In jails also they are killing revolutionary cadres by opening fire on prisoners or lathi-charging them. They are thinking that in this way they will be able to arrest the progress of revolution. In South Vietnam the Diem clique wanted to stop the onward march of revolution by carrying on killings in this manner. The result is, the strength of the National Liberation Front has increased and it has defeated the American aggressors repeatedly. In India this killing will rouse the anger and hatred of men and a new India will be built on the destruction of the murderous system-this is the law of history. The reactionaries will have to repay in blood the blood debt that each act of murder accumulates.

Comrade Saroj Dutta was a leader of the Party and he died a hero’s death befitting a leader. His revolutionary steadfastness should serve as a model for youths. Overcoming all weaknesses, the youths will have to take to the path of revolution more resolutely and avenge these killings by integrating themselves with the workers and poor and landless peasants.


{Written on August 16-1971 / Published in Liberation July 1971 – January 1972 Issue}

Resist The Communal Fascist BJP – The Other Name of The Congress

Serving their imperialist masters led by US imperialism at its best the Indian reactionary ruling class led by its ‘messiah’ Narendra Modi, the mastermind of the genocide of Gujarat, and his party the fascist BJP has tuned up their so called anti people and anti nation ‘reform’ measures.

The Modi regime took over the helm of the country with support and fund of the US imperialism and its indigenous puppets, the comprador bourgeoisie titled as India inc and the feudal landlord gentry, riding on the wave of mass discontent against the reactionary murderer Congress regime, that heightened the burden of exploitation and oppression on the people and opened the gates of the country far wide than its predecessors for expansion of imperialist plunder. As the murderer Congress party became unmasked in front of the people due to the exposition of massive scams, nepotism of Gandhi family, the weakest leadership that could not conceal its servile nature of imperialism from the people and the massive amount of oppression laden on the people by that regime made it the worst and the most hated regime in India since the days of the killer Indira regime. Under such circumstances the killer Congress party was left inept to serve the US imperialism from the position of the ruling party for the third tenure.

Within a month of assuming power, the fascist BJP with the killer Modi at its helm unleashed the assault on the people of the country in the name of fiscal control and developments alike all past regimes in this semi colonial semi feudal country. The proposal to increase FDI in the defence sector to meet the greed and lust of the US imperialism to maximise its super profit from this country clearly shows the sham cloak of ‘nationalism’ and ‘patriotism’ worn by Modi and his clan is the nationalism and patriotism of the big bourgeoisie, aimed at serving US imperialist interests and to oppose and suppress the people of the country.

Amidst the rising inflation and the deteriorating financial condition of the country and its people at large Modi claimed to fix the problem by ‘bitter doses’ that he expects the people to gulp without any resistance offered. In reality this very dialogue was delivered by all predecessors of Modi from both the Congress and the BJP during their past tenures and none could solve the economic crisis and the inflation that is rising constantly in this country.

Through the first chapter of introduction of anti people policies the Modi government started working on hiking the fuel prices, which will amount to adding more fuel indeed to the rising flames of inflation and will engulf the whole nation and make more miserable the lives of the people.

On the other hand by increasing the railway fares by 14.2 % for all trains and more than 100% in case of the Mumbai suburban railways, which is the main medium of transport for millions of people in Mumbai, the reactionary fascist BJP regime has started filling the coffer of the bureaucratic capitalists and their foreign imperialist masters and are creating the base for the privatisation of the whole railway network and liquidation and sell off of its assets to foreign imperialist powers.

These anti people measures are not any isolated incidents, but the continuation of the same anti people draconian policies of the Congress party led reactionary government. The people can see that the BJP and the Congress are identical in serving the interest of the ruling classes and their imperialist bosses.

It is imperative for the people of the country to resist this anti people, anti national government led by the fascist BJP and its leader the killer Modi with all strength and defeat its conspiracies and anti people agenda through expanding the people’s struggle against the fascist power.

This government cannot solve the problem of inflation, the rising prices of food stuffs; because these problems are created by the lust and greed of sucking out more profit by the feudal landlord classes and their ally the comprador bourgeoisie that rule this nation. They have created a stock of food stuff with connivance of all parliamentary forces, especially the BJP and the Congress. Their intention is to drive the people of the country, the peasantry and the workers, the toiled masses to extreme pauperisation and starvation and earn huge amount of profit through black marketing and exporting of food grains, vegetables and other edibles to imperialist nations.

We must not forget that it was the notorious regime of the BJP led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the running dog of US imperialism that enacted the Future Trade act, through which the comprador capitalists and traders can stockpile food stuff in speculation of further price rise, and this future trading in food stuff is done with active support and involvement of the feudal landlord classes, as the later has more hegemony on the total crop output in Indian countryside than any other class.

The fascist BJP, or any other parliamentary party including the revisionist ‘left’ cannot resolve this crisis which is escalating everyday; because they are the stooges and representatives of the same exploiting classes.

It is only through the armed agrarian revolution, the principal axis of the people’s democratic revolution in India the people can liberate themselves from the yoke of all these exploitations and oppressions laden on them by the ruling classes.

The CPI (M-L) led by the great class leadership of poor landless peasantry and workers, with Comrade Manik at its core; calls upon the people of India to shun the path prescribed by revisionist and reactionary powers and follow the path illuminated with the blood of martyrs of Naxalbari, Srikakulam, Magurjaan, Kamalpur, Ghogi Bariyarpur; and build up peasant’s alternative government revolutionary committees by overthrowing the feudal rule in the countryside and wage the heroic people’s war against the reactionary classes to liberate India from the clutches of US imperialism and its lackeys the feudal landlords and comprador capitalists.

This is the era of the total collapse of imperialism, the era of the worldwide advance of the victory of socialism; the very era of Chairman Mao Tse-tung. No power on earth is capable of resisting or defeating the invincible Indian people led by the working class and its vanguard the CPI (M-L) if we correctly understand and implement the invincible Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse-tung’s Thought, the politics of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and the accurate line of leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee in the concrete conditions of the Indian revolution and if we can advance wave upon wave by fighting our self interests and by embracing self sacrifice.

Comrades, let us unite in our struggle against the enemies of mankind and strike at their root with all our strength to thwart their attempts to repress and oppress the people.


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