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Avenge The Brutal Murders Carried On By The Reactionary Ruling Classes Across The Country

The reactionary ruling classes of India represented by the communal fascist BJP has instigated communal hatred and riots in different parts of the country on one hand and have started a series of murders along with its reactionary allies all across the country.
In the recent days the communal fascist BJP has instigated communal riots in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat with a clear intention to murder the people and fracture the unity among the people. With the nefarious designs hatched by the Modi—Amit Shah—Rajnath clique the fascist saffron brigade, inspired by its partner the Zionist Israeli aggression on Palestine has ushered a series of violent communal carnages starting from Vadodara of Gujarat to Sahranpur of Uttar Pradesh. The reactionary fascist elements instigated a riot in the town of Vadodara on July 20th, by July 27th the fascist BJP and its allies kindled the flames of communal riots in Sahranpur of western Uttar Pradesh that led to 3 deaths and numerous injuries.
On the other hand in order to protect its ally the Zionist Israel the fascist BJP government’s CRPF opened fire on 19th July in Kulgam, Kashmir on a rally against the aggression of the Zionist Israel on Palestine and the massacres. The police firing in Kashmir is first of its kind at a time when the people around the world are holding large demonstrations and protest rallies against the barbaric assault of the Zionist Israeli state sponsored by US imperialism on Gaza strip of Palestine and in support of Palestinian resistance struggle against the aggression. No reactionary government anywhere else on earth has dared to fire upon the people opposing against the ghastly deeds of the Zionist Israeli state and its US imperialist master. The fascist BJP government showed its true colour and loyalty to its ally the Zionist Israeli regime and its master the US imperialism by firing upon unarmed civilians.
A fifteen year old teenager, Suhail Ahmed Mir martyred during the CRPF firing and this triggered waves of protests by the people of the Kashmir valley against state terrorism. The revolutionary and progressive forces around the world deeply condemned this incident.
The CPI (M-L) leadership, with Comrade Manik at its core expressed deep hatred against the class enemies and their brutal oppression and openly declared that by extending the flames of armed agrarian revolution the Party will avenge such brutal murders of children, that matches only the brutality of the Zionist Israeli regime and its chief ideologue fascist Hitler’s massacres.
In Madanpur village of Aurangabad district of Bihar the police forces molested women during a so called combing operation on the night of 19th July. On the 20th July the poor and landless peasantry of Madanpur started a protest movement against the reactionary police force of the reactionary Janta Dal (U) government of Nitish Kumar. The panic sticken reactionary police force opened fire on the protesting villagers and this resulted in the martyrdom of one peasant woman and a twelve year old child.
This barbaric assault on the peasants of Bihar was the second one in the month of July, Two people were murdered and seven were injured by the reactionary forces on 8th July in Rohtas district.
These incidents clearly shows that the ruling classes of the country and their imperialist masters have turned into reckless panic sticken killers who are intolerant to even the simple non violent struggles of the people, which they themselves prefer to save their skin.
The revolutionary working class and peasantry of the country will not absorb any humiliation from the ruling class in this very era of Chairman Mao Tse-tung, the era in which imperialism is heading towards total collapse and socialism is marching towards worldwide victory. The people of the country will avenge these murders of their compatriots by intensifying the struggle against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, the feudal landlords, the comprador bourgeoisie class and their master the US imperialism led world imperialism.
Only under the leadership of the CPI (M-L) which is valiantly led by the great class leadership with Comrade Manik at its core under the banner of the accurate politics of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and the accurate line of leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee the people can avenge the killings by overthrowing the feudal rule in the countryside and by establishing the peasant’s government revolutionary committees. This is the only path of the liberation of the people which can hasten the doom of the reactionary forces.

Commemorating The Historic 4th June—The Martyr Day of the Revolutionary Student and Youth of Tiananmen Square Struggle Against Revisionist Deng-Li Peng Clique


Chairman Mao

Commemorating the historic 4th June, the martyr day of the heroic martyrs of the Tiananmen Square of China. The struggle waged by you against the revisionist Teng-Li Peng clique shook the foundation of the revisionist leadership of the CPC.

The panic sticken Chinese revisionist renegade leadership clique led by Xi has forbidden any form of protest demonstration against its tyrannical rule. However the people of China did commemorated the heroic martyrs of the 4th June struggle refuting all imperialist and revisionist propaganda.



The Report Of the Naxalbari Day Organized At Naxalbari on Historic 25th May 2014

Only our leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee has established the apple of our eyes respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar on the soil of Naxalbari. The statues of Lenin-Stalin-Mao Tse-tung-Lin Piao- Charu Mazumdar and Saroj Dutta were established personally by leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee beside the memorial of those 11 martyrs of Naxalbari.

Comrades from different regions and provinces offered floral tributes under the leadership of our class leader beloved Comrade Manik and participated in the rally and delivered lectures at the martyr commemoration meeting held in the evening. Our poor and landless peasant leaders delivered lectures against the usurping of the power by the communal fascist power BJP under the command of the US imperialism. They very clearly indicated that the imperialist boot lickers from Pakistan, Srilanka, Bhutan, Nepal arrived in the swearing in ceremony of BJP’s Modi in New Delhi with an intention to unitedly destroy the agrarian revolution of India and to butcher the revolutionaries.

Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar said ” We know that as we move forward we shall face many obstacles, many difficulties, many acts of betrayal and there will be many setbacks. But Naxalbari will not die because the bright sunlight of Chairman Mao’s Thought has fallen on it like a blessing.”

From different organisations the renegades gathered under the pretext of commemorating the martyrs of Naxalbari, and they attempted to hurl insult on respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and his party by not offering any floral tributes to the memorials of Lenin-Stalin-Mao-Lin-Charu Mazumdar-Saroj Dutta-Mahadev Mukherjee and only by confining themselves in offering floral tributes to the memorial of the martyrs. They earnestly desired to prove that those martyrs were not inspired by any politics, but they were fighting following the principle of “land to the tillers”, for them this is the history of Naxalbari struggle, and thus attacked the very politics of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and the invincible Naxalbari created by him.

However, Naxalbari was shook by the slogan “Red Salute to Comrade Charu Mazumdar, the other name of Naxalbari.”Kicking on the face of their filthy collective conspiracy the correct politics got established.

The groups of renegade Khokan Mazumdar-Kanu Sanyal-Dipankar Bhattacharya-Martyr Memorial Committee- and others by disguising themselves as CPI (M-L) and by openly opposing the very

CPI (M-L) personally built by respected leader COmrade Charu Mazumdar could not offer any floral tributes to the memorials of Lenin-Stalin-Mao-Lin-Charu-Saroj-Mahadev and proved it very concretely that their days are limited.

They may attempt with full vigour to destroy the revolution hanging the board of Naxalbari or CPI (M-L) they will not be able to achieve success.

Our victory is invincible.


Fight Against The Concrete Manifestations of Revisionism – Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar

Charu Mazumdar

NAXALBARI represents the first ever application of Mao Tse-tung Thought on the soil of India. It was in Naxalbari that the peasants, for the first time, launched their struggle for the seizure of power. For this reason, Naxalbari symbolises the path of liberation for the exploited masses of the Indian people, thus ushering in a new era in the political history of India. This new political era in India can be understood only by what Comrade Stalin said about the Chinese revolution, that is, in India today armed revolution has begun its battle with armed counter-revolution. Waging revolutionary war has, therefore, become the only and main tactic of the revolutionary masses.

A correct leadership is essential for waging this revolutionary war successfully. It is precisely for this reason that the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) has been established. Unless we understand this new situation in India, we can have no understanding of the significance and work of the revolutionary Party. That is why our Party is the party of armed struggle, the party which will lead the Indian people’s democratic revolution to victory.

It is the duty of every member and every front of our Party to carry forward this revolutionary civil war. So, our Party’s work will always be directed towards carrying forward the revolutionary civil war.

The ways of doing things which were created and developed so far by the communist movement in India have become wholly and entirely useless in the present era. This is so because they are unable to serve the needs of the present era. The present revolutionary civil war can be carried on only on the basis of the Thought of Chairman Mao Tsetung and only by creating a new style of work.

So, the Party members must first of all be able to grasp the revolutionary politics, and must give prominence to this politics in all their work.

Secondly, every Party member must show initiative in whatever he does. He must adhere to our Party’s political line and general directive, study Mao Tse-tung Thought, take initiative and thus be able to create ingenious ways of doing things. The practice of waiting for instructions to come from the Party leadership will rob this Party of its mobility and the Party will be unable to fulfill its revolutionary task.

Thirdly, every Party member must be highly vigilant.

In this era, when imperialism is heading towards total collapse, world imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism have turned India into their base and are hatching plots to destroy great China and the national liberation struggles of south-east Asia. The armed struggle in India led by the revolutionary Party will foil all their plots. For this reason, they aim, on the one hand, at destroying our Party through repression while, on the other, they aim at undermining its fighting capability by sending their agents into the Party, thus creating political disruption within it. Our old revisionist ideas and style of work are forces which help the imperialist scheme. That is why every Party member must be on the alert and vigilant against erroneous politics, and also against any attempt that may be made to undermine initiative in the name of carrying on “political struggle” within the Party. Our political consciousness and style of work are weapons with which we can prevent imperialist infiltration into our Party. So, every Party member must also be on the alert against such infiltration.

Fourthly, every Party member must be industrious. Influence of bourgeois ideology breeds laziness and passivity. Having revolutionary consciousness means having unfailing zeal to do hard work and fulfill arduous tasks.

A great responsibility has fallen on our shoulders. We have to translate into reality the dream of making a revolution-the dream which has remained unfulfilled during the forty years of communist movement in India. We can fulfill this task only by mobilizing our entire strength and industriousness, by combining the two. We can achieve our goal and make an ‘impossible’ thing possible only by bringing into full play our strength and ability.

Our task is to carry out agrarian revolution and to establish bases of armed struggle in the countryside. Therefore, every Party member must share the thoughts and aspirations of the peasant masses and integrate themselves with them; be ready at all times to make all kinds of sacrifices and come forward tirelessly to serve the people.

The Communist Party members must set themselves up as exemplary models before the masses. Only in this way can they inspire the masses. Therefore, every Party member must fight against self-interest and individualism. Only thus can we introduce revolutionary discipline into the Party without which no revolutionary war can be sustained.


Only a Party composed of such members, however small in the beginning, is able to organize peasants’ revolutionary struggle, to strengthen Party’s class basis by making the workers and the poor and landless peasants politically conscious, and to turn itself into a big Party

capable of leading the revolution to victory.


Our Party’s growth and development depend on how firmly we fight revisionism both inside and, outside the Party. And not only that. The growth and development of the peasants’ armed struggle also depend on the fight against revisionism. Precisely for this reason it is said

that creating a high tide of struggle depends on how wIdely we can spread and propagate Mao Tse-tung Thought as well as on adopting the new style of work. It is only because we have been unable to master the correct applIcation of Mao Tse-tung Thought that we are not able to

extend the struggle to still wider areas. It has, therefore, become the urgent task today to fight against the clear and concrete manifestations of revisionism.


Some of the revisionist ideas that still persist inside our Party and against which we are struggling at present are given here.


First, economism. At present economism expresses itself in the line of thinking according to which the workers and the poor and landless, peasants will be unable to accept revolutionary politics unless they are led into open struggles on economic demands. This line of thinking

weakens all our work like propagating revolutionary politics, propagating the politics of seizure of power, and building revolutionary base areas in the countryside. Such a line of thinking makes the Party members concentrate their attention and work on organizing struggles for economic demands, and politics loses its place of prominence.

Lastly, such a line of thinking makes one contemptuous of the workers and the peasant masses and rely on the intelligentsia. But Chairman Mao has taught us that the struggle for production and the class struggle along with scientific experiment constitute the sources of

knowledge. The intelligentsia have no access to these sources, namely, the struggle for production and the class struggle, while the workers and the peasant masses have both these sources of knowledge. Secondly, only the peasant masses led by the working class can win victory in the revolution, and Mao Tse-tung Thought is the revolutionary ideology of the working class. That is why it is precisely the workers and the poor and landless peasants who grasp the politics of the seizure of power and of building revolutionary bases in the countryside most thoroughly once these are explained to them. This is because it is they who suffer most from the exploitation and oppression of the existing social system, and the revolution serves them more than anybody else.


We do not say that we shall never wage struggles for economic demands. What we say is that political propaganda and building Party organizations are the foremost and main task before us.


Economism in the peasant movement expresses itself in the form of rejecting the necessity for waging guerrilla warfare, thus concentrating the attention of the peasants on the question of seizing land and crops. Such economist ideas place open struggle above everything else, discourage any thought of building secret organizations or maintaining secrecy, strengthen the tendency toward spontaneity and belittle the role and importance of conscious leadership.


Such economist ideas belittle the importance of setting up secret Party organizations among the revolutionary classes, thus preventing the members of these classes from entering into the Party. Such economist tendency increases our dependence on the petty bourgeois intelligentsia. The idea that peasant struggles cannot possibly be

organized unless the members of the petty bourgeois intelligentsia are sent to the villages for this purpose still persists and is still firmly rooted in our Party. We feel ill at ease whenever some assignments are given to a Party unit consisting of poor and landless peasants with the result that we fail to develop their initiative.

There is nothing against the members of the petty bourgeois intelligentsia going to the villages. But they must go there for becoming good communists and good revolutionaries, and to learn from the poor and landless peasants. They must not go there to lead the poor and landless peasants, because only the poor and landless peasants themselves, and none else can be the leaders of their struggle. The task before the comrades who belong to the petty bourgeois intelligentsia and are inspired by the Thought of Mao Tse-tung which they have learned, is to educate the poor and landless peasants in the Thought of Mao Tsetung. Dependence on the petty bourgeois intelligentsia is the result of the influence of bourgeois ideology, and we must rid the Party of this.


The influence of bourgeois ideology is also evident from the fact that we rely more on weapons than on people. We must never forget the teachings of Chairman Mao and Comrade Lin Piao in this respect. Chairman Mao, has pointed out: “Weapons are an important factor

in war, but not the decisive factor; it is people, not things, that are decisive.” The oppressed and persecuted peasants launch their struggle against the ruling classes with bare hands or with whatever they have, but as needs arise with the development of the struggle and dictated by the compulsions of advancing the revolution, they begin snatching and seizing arms from the ruling classes. This is how people’s armed forces develop. It is impossible to wage a revolutionary war by bringing arms from outside. This is so because, as Chairman Mao has taught us in waging a revolutionary war we must rely on the masses. “The revolutionary war is a war of the masses; it can be waged only by mobilizing the masses and relying on them.”

Our experience also shows that we cannot wage guerrilla warfare simply by acquiring sophisticated weapons; we must be able to bring up men armed with Mao Tse-tung Thought to wield those weapons. Unless we are able to bring up such men the weapons will be of no use. And such men are brought up only through revolutionary class struggle, only through annihilating the class enemies. The guerrilla unit that has not done this can achieve little even with guns.


Another manifestation of bourgeois ideology is to magnify the importance of actions while giving no importance at all to political propaganda. This is what Chairman Mao has called ‘militarism’.

The work of political propaganda must be raised to a newer and higher level at every stage of guerrilla warfare. Only when the masses begin to grasp Mao Tse-tung Thought their level of political conciousness will rise and only then will they be able to conquer death. Precisely for this reason it is said that once Mao Tse-tung Thought is combined with the force of arms, an invincible power is brought into being which can match and defeat any other power, however strong. The Party members must, therefore, constantly try to develop political propaganda.


But we can feel the urge for doing this only when we begin to understand what the poor and landless peasants are thinking, and integrate ourselves with them through the propagation of the mass line.


Party leadership at all levels must shoulder the responsibility of and take good care in developing the mass line and educating the Party members in the propagation of the mass line.


Comrades, U.S. imperialism and Soviet social-imperialism are today hatching plots for launching a war of aggression against the great socialist China, and Soviet social-imperialism has been repeatedly carrying on armed provocations against China along the stretches of the Sino-Soviet border. We must remember Chairman Mao’s teaching:”With regard to the question of world war, there are but two possibilities: One is that the war will give rise to revolution and the other is that revolution will prevent the war.” The possibility of a war is very real at present. The responsihility of the communist revolutionaries in India has today increased manifold. We must be able to prevent this war with revolution. If, however, the imperialists succeed in launching a war of aggression inspite of us, then a large share of the responsibility of burning these warmongers into ashes will have to be shouldered by us, that is, the revolutionaries of India – a vast country of 500 million people. Hence, we must fear neither hardship nor death; we must shatter all the trammels of revisionist ideas that bind us today, and march forward. along a new path, and master the new style of work and mobilize all our forces to spread the flames of the revolutionary war to every State of India. This revolutionary war will deal a crushing blow at the unity of the imperialists, revisionists and reactionaries and smash it and the weakness of the enemy in its turn will bring about a new revolutionary hightide. The revolutionary struggle in India will bring a new inspiration, a new impetus to the revolutionary struggle in every other country of the world.


The great Ninth Congress of the great, glorious and correct Communist Party of China has given out the clarion call: a new era of world revolution has begun ; the revolutionary struggle the world over will destroy world imperialism and Soviet revisionism.

A world without exploitation-the dream that the world’s people have dreamed for ages-will be born. We are the architects of that brilliant new future. Today, we are fortunate in having been entrusted with the most sacred, the noblest of tasks in the world. Let every comrade plunge into this work with all his strength and make the best use of it.


Long live Chairman Mao! A long, long life to him!

[Translated from the original text as appeared in the Bengali weekly DESHABRATI. September 4,1969.]


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