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Avenge The Brutal Murders Carried On By The Reactionary Ruling Classes Across The Country

The reactionary ruling classes of India represented by the communal fascist BJP has instigated communal hatred and riots in different parts of the country on one hand and have started a series of murders along with its reactionary allies all across the country.
In the recent days the communal fascist BJP has instigated communal riots in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat with a clear intention to murder the people and fracture the unity among the people. With the nefarious designs hatched by the Modi—Amit Shah—Rajnath clique the fascist saffron brigade, inspired by its partner the Zionist Israeli aggression on Palestine has ushered a series of violent communal carnages starting from Vadodara of Gujarat to Sahranpur of Uttar Pradesh. The reactionary fascist elements instigated a riot in the town of Vadodara on July 20th, by July 27th the fascist BJP and its allies kindled the flames of communal riots in Sahranpur of western Uttar Pradesh that led to 3 deaths and numerous injuries.
On the other hand in order to protect its ally the Zionist Israel the fascist BJP government’s CRPF opened fire on 19th July in Kulgam, Kashmir on a rally against the aggression of the Zionist Israel on Palestine and the massacres. The police firing in Kashmir is first of its kind at a time when the people around the world are holding large demonstrations and protest rallies against the barbaric assault of the Zionist Israeli state sponsored by US imperialism on Gaza strip of Palestine and in support of Palestinian resistance struggle against the aggression. No reactionary government anywhere else on earth has dared to fire upon the people opposing against the ghastly deeds of the Zionist Israeli state and its US imperialist master. The fascist BJP government showed its true colour and loyalty to its ally the Zionist Israeli regime and its master the US imperialism by firing upon unarmed civilians.
A fifteen year old teenager, Suhail Ahmed Mir martyred during the CRPF firing and this triggered waves of protests by the people of the Kashmir valley against state terrorism. The revolutionary and progressive forces around the world deeply condemned this incident.
The CPI (M-L) leadership, with Comrade Manik at its core expressed deep hatred against the class enemies and their brutal oppression and openly declared that by extending the flames of armed agrarian revolution the Party will avenge such brutal murders of children, that matches only the brutality of the Zionist Israeli regime and its chief ideologue fascist Hitler’s massacres.
In Madanpur village of Aurangabad district of Bihar the police forces molested women during a so called combing operation on the night of 19th July. On the 20th July the poor and landless peasantry of Madanpur started a protest movement against the reactionary police force of the reactionary Janta Dal (U) government of Nitish Kumar. The panic sticken reactionary police force opened fire on the protesting villagers and this resulted in the martyrdom of one peasant woman and a twelve year old child.
This barbaric assault on the peasants of Bihar was the second one in the month of July, Two people were murdered and seven were injured by the reactionary forces on 8th July in Rohtas district.
These incidents clearly shows that the ruling classes of the country and their imperialist masters have turned into reckless panic sticken killers who are intolerant to even the simple non violent struggles of the people, which they themselves prefer to save their skin.
The revolutionary working class and peasantry of the country will not absorb any humiliation from the ruling class in this very era of Chairman Mao Tse-tung, the era in which imperialism is heading towards total collapse and socialism is marching towards worldwide victory. The people of the country will avenge these murders of their compatriots by intensifying the struggle against the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, the feudal landlords, the comprador bourgeoisie class and their master the US imperialism led world imperialism.
Only under the leadership of the CPI (M-L) which is valiantly led by the great class leadership with Comrade Manik at its core under the banner of the accurate politics of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and the accurate line of leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee the people can avenge the killings by overthrowing the feudal rule in the countryside and by establishing the peasant’s government revolutionary committees. This is the only path of the liberation of the people which can hasten the doom of the reactionary forces.


Long Live The Historic 12th June Kamalpur Day

[Central Committee of the CPI (M-L) Published the Following Report on the armed agrarian revolution in Bihar.]



This years Kamalpur day was observed in the Mahadev Mukherjee Nagar of Kiranpur in Bihar. Few days ago the hired goons of the landlord classes following the directions of the police launched an armed

assault in Mahadev Mukherjee Nagar and smashed few houses and when they tried to attack the martyrs memorial they faced stiff resistance and fled from the area.

Comrades, the significance of this years Kamalpur Day of historic 12th June is, when the assault was mounted on Kamalpur, there the people fought against the thousands upon thousands of military force and annihilated them. Immortal martyrs

Comrades Lad Hembram, Nirapad Hembram, Haldhar Kisku turned martyrs to uplift the struggle to the stage of Vietnam, and the stage of Vietnam incepted this great political consciousness.

Under the influence of that very Kamalpur, of that very Ghogi Bariyarpur the Mahadev Mukherjee Nagar was founded in Kiranpur; however we could not provide it with that very political consciousness which was required.

The Comrades roused again and on the historic 12th June organised the martyr commemoration meeting in front of the martyrs memorial. They pledged and are preparing to avenge.

They are spontaneously seizing land in rural areas and are forming Mahadev Mukherjee Nagar, Charu Mazumdar Nagar, Shahid Shiben Nagar and founding the cornerstones of a new India.

The politics of leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee has now transformed into the collective property of the poor-landless peasantry. Taking the party as a base, driven by the consciousness of creating liberated zones they

are establishing new villages by seizing lands and naming them after martyrs. They are aroused today and overwhelmed with the thoughts of seizing power through overthrowing feudal rule and establishing peasant’s government revolutionary committees. This has created lot of excitement in vast areas.

That is why our beloved Comrade Manik, the core of our class leadership personally established by leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee has directed -“Comrades strengthen the party organisation in the villages rather than confining yourselves within land seizures.

Leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee has repeatedly taught us that – ‘Strengthen the party. If the party exists the struggle will happen and the struggles will develop to higher stages. ‘Advance on the path of establishing revolutionary committees, the essence of peasant’s rule, by annihilating the feudal rule. Establish a strong liberated zone. Always remember the teachings of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar – ‘….this vast uprising of billions of people will strengthen your weak hands’.”

Comrades and friends, advance wave upon wave by remembering this very clarion call of beloved Comrade Manik, the core of our class leadership personally established by leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee.

– Central Committee






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