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News of Palestine Resistance

[Liberation has arranged the news of Palestinian resistance against the Israeli aggressors from different sources, the struggle news are upto the 20th of July 2014.]

On Saturday, July 19: PFLP Guerilla wing bombarded Eshkol settlement with three missiles at 11:00 PM. Ambushing ememy soldiers and clashing with them with confirmed casualties in their ranks.

Clashes with enemy forces in joint action with other resistance forces.

Targeting the enemy at Kerem Abu Salem at 10:15 pm with missiles

Fighting with Israeli special forces in northern Beit Hanoun, causing confirmed enemy casualties

Firing three rockets toward Bir Saba at 9:15 pm.

In a joint operation with the Nasser Salahuddin Brigades, targeting occupation military northwest of Beit Lahiya with anti-tank missiles, hitting their equipment directly at 7:25 pm

Clashing with the occupation forces in one of the houses destroyed by their attacks in northern Beit Hanoun at 6:30 pm.

Bombarding Eshkol settlement with missiles at 3:00 PM

Confronting Zionist special forces that attempted to infiltrate Gaza

Bombarding Asqelan with a Grad rocket at 3:00 AM






Palestine: Infitada Developing To People’s War

The struggle of the Palestinian people against the Zionist Israeli aggressors has intensified in the recent days, and despite the complete censoring of the Palestine resistance news by the US imperialist sponsored global bourgeoisie media the news of the resistance is coming from Palestine.
We came across the news that the left wing Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine has intensified guerilla campaigns in the occupied territories of Gaza and the guerillas are determined to turn the struggle into a massive people’s war to ensure that the Zionist Israeli aggressors and the US imperialist forces are burnt to death in the flames of people’s war.
The PFLP and other revolutionary forces has recently launched heaviest assault on the enemy forces of the Zionist Israeli aggressors.
Chairman Mao Tse-tung has taught us that a small power can defeat a big one. The people of Palestine are showing us that very truth, following the legacy of the people of Vietnam, Algeria, Iraq the Palestinian people will definitely hasten the doom of the Zionist Israeli aggressors and their US imperialist masters.

Comrade Ho chi Minh’s Birthday Celebrated on Historic 19th May

Comrade Ho Chi Minh, the founder of the Viet Nam Worker’s Party was a great revolutionary leader and vanguard of the Vietnamese people’s war against the French imperialism and later the US imperialism. Vietnam under Comrade Ho Chi Minh had been the spearhead of struggle against U.S. imperialism and for national liberation all the

world over and has instilled in the oppressed masses of the world new confidence and hope of defeating the imperialist powers, however small a country may be, with the everconquering Thought of Mao and people’s war.

Comrade Ho Chi Minh’s bold call “to carry on and step up the resistance war with firm resolve to fight and win, till the complete withdrawal of U.S.troops and till the total collapse of the puppet army and administration” was not only a beacon-light to the Vietnamese people but also inspires revolutionary fighters the world over till now.

Red Salute to Comrade Ho Chi Minh


Commemorating The Historic 4th June—The Martyr Day of the Revolutionary Student and Youth of Tiananmen Square Struggle Against Revisionist Deng-Li Peng Clique


Chairman Mao

Commemorating the historic 4th June, the martyr day of the heroic martyrs of the Tiananmen Square of China. The struggle waged by you against the revisionist Teng-Li Peng clique shook the foundation of the revisionist leadership of the CPC.

The panic sticken Chinese revisionist renegade leadership clique led by Xi has forbidden any form of protest demonstration against its tyrannical rule. However the people of China did commemorated the heroic martyrs of the 4th June struggle refuting all imperialist and revisionist propaganda.



Heroic Struggle Of The Brazilian Workers and People

Brazil, worlds most football crazy nation observed heightened militant working class struggle against the reactionary ruling class and the organization of the FIFA football world cup in Brazil.

Despite the rising inflation and deteriorating condition of the living standard of the broad masses the ruling class of Brazil under the reactionary Dilma Roussef regime spent lavishly to set up the world cup show for Fifa.

The extravaganza and the high level of corruption on one hand and the rising inflation and the worsening economic conditions detonated the explosion of popular outburst against the pro US imperialist regime.

The heroic strikes organized by the working class in Sao Paolo and other cities not only resulted into a total paralysis but brought the working class in direct confrontation with the state security force and the working class of Brazil through its heroic and self less struggle proved again the fact that we are living in the era of Chairman Mao Tse-tung; the very era of the total collapse of imperialism and worldwide advance of the victory of socialism. Revolution is the main trend of this era and with their utmost force the reactionary powers will not be able to contain the heroic working class and the broad masses.



The Iraqi Crisis – Build Up Resistance Against The US Imperialism and Its Fundamentalist Lackeys – Puppet Al Maliki Regime and The ISIS

The recent terrorist assault carried on by the ISIS on behest of its master US imperialism is an attempt of the later to drive wide the line of antagonism between the Shiite and Sunni communities in Iraq to ensure the continuity of US imperialist exploitation and plunder through its comprador allies from the bourgeoisie and landlord gentry.

The massacres carried on by the ISIS, the successor of the notorious Taliban and Al-Qaida in Iraq, is simply done to terrorise the people and pit one community against another, and on the other hand provide an opportunity to the US imperialism to re-introduce its occupation forces and drone strike within the country and carry on open assault against any genuine democratic and revolutionary forces that wants to overthrow the reactionary imperialist puppet regime of al-Maliki and his allies.

The ISIS is part of the same terrorist-fundamentalist front that the US imperialism has set up with its own fund, and fund pumped by the reactionary regimes of the Middle East Asia including the most trusted boot lickers of the US imperialism, namely; Saudi Arab, Qatar and Jordan. The goal of these reactionary monarchs and their master the US imperialism is to overthrow the government of Assad in Syria through terrorist activities, neutralise the resistance provided by the revolutionary Arab people against US imperialism and its running dogs, and to bring Iran into the board of the Arab renegades so that the US imperialism and its client state Israel can use them in opposing the most turbulent anti imperialist and anti occupation struggle waged by the heroic people of Palestine against the Israeli occupation and massacres.

There are unconfirmed reports that the reactionary Iranian regime (that softened its standpoint regarding US imperialism) is in constant touch with the Iraqi puppet regime led by al-Maliki and mercenary forces are formed by them to instigate counter massacres of innocent people in this sectarian violence. This clearly proves that the reactionary ruling class of Iran, despite its anti-imperialist rhetoric is an anti people fundamentalist force that only aims to oppose imperialism to keep intact its own exploitative agenda and allies with imperialism and its lackeys whenever there are scopes to suppress the people.

If we look into the history of the Arab peninsula from a Marxist-Leninist view point we will see that the colonies and semi colonies of US imperialism and British imperialism in the Middle East Asia has always fought heroically against imperialist occupation and its client state Israeli occupation on Palestine.

Under the bold leadership of immortal martyr Saddam Hussein the Iraqi nation and people of all communities stood as a symbol of anti imperialist – non socialist Third power, the rise of which was predicted by our respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar four decades ago. The Iraqi nation under Saddam stood as an ally of the Palestinian struggle against Israel and supported the struggle actively though itself been encircled and isolated by US imperialism.

It was during this period that the US imperialism drew up its plan to occupy Iraq and ensure on one hand its hegemony over the oil reserves of Iraq that Saddam Hussein has nationalised and on the other hand neutralise the active support of Palestinian struggle by Iraq to ensure a safe breathing zone for the Zionist Israeli state. Using the century old notorious tool of the British imperialism (first implemented in the colonial India) i.e divide and rule, the US imperialism through its intelligence service the CIA had instigated communal and sectarian antagonisms in Iraq between the Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish communities and pitted one against another and by portraying Saddam Hussein as a Sunni leader ruling on the majority of Shiites through ‘brutal force’. The agenda of the US imperialism was to promote the idea that was developed by the Zionist Israeli reactionaries in the 1980’s to divide up the Iraqi nation into three parts on sectarian lines, northern Kurdish part, central Sunni and southern Shiite.

We can see how accurate the prediction of leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee is, when he said in 2003: “Saddam is not a communist; he is not a fundamentalist either. However, at present the imperialists will try to draw division among the people.

As the British imperialists once divided India and Pakistan, similarly the US imperialists will try to divide Iraq by Shiite-Sunni-Kurd (sects – Liberation).

However, we believe that the dream of a communist society will smash that division and a new world will come into being.” (CW, Bengali, pp 258)

Since the US imperialism has occupied Iraq through an act of imperialist aggression on that country through massacre of innocent people and by overthrowing the legitimate government of the country led by Saddam Hussein and killing Saddam in their gallows, they have experimented with the divide and rule policy and thereby produced the worst sectarian violence that the Iraqi people has experienced in centuries. Through this sectarian violence the US imperialism on one hand is trying to ensure that it will have a free run in plundering the oil reserves of Iraq and on the other hand ensure that a popular democratic resistance front cannot be formed against its hegemony in the region.

At present, when the ally of Saddam Hussein, the government of Syria led by Assad is proving to be a tough challenger to the US imperialist hegemony in Middle East Asia and the last government in the region that refuses to be a pet dog of American imperialism and let the later exploit its oil reserves.

Turning 180 degrees on its rhetoric on terrorism the US imperialism and its imperialist lackeys like Britain, Australia, etc started funding openly the reactionary fundamentalist factions, to topple the government of Syria through their terrorist menace, and promoted by them as ‘freedom fighters’ on the same footing as they did during the Soviet social imperialist occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980’s by funding their puppet ‘Taliban’ and ‘Al Qaida’.

Today, through these acts the US imperialism and its lackeys have unmasked the leftover shiny cover over their ugly face and the people of the world can clearly see its vampire like teeth and a drooling tongue, that is greedy for oil and fuel reserves to sooth its ever growing economic crises.

However, the imperialists do forget one thing; sitting on the verge of their collapse they have forgotten that they are not living in the early 20th century, they cannot carry on their aggressions without any challenge and resistance put forward by the freedom loving people. As this is the era of Chairman Mao Tse-tung, the era of the total collapse of imperialism and the worldwide advance of socialism towards victory. This is the era in which revolution is the main theme and trend and their atrocities will not go unanswered. We must recall in this occasion the historic prediction of our leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee in context of the US imperialist aggression on Iraq. He clearly forecasted that the revisionist forces will magnify the occupation of Iraq and the atrocities of the US imperialism to propagate that this is not the era of the total collapse of imperialism and preach capitulation to imperialism. This is what we can see clearly before our eyes, instead of providing tough resistance to the US imperialist aggression by arousing the masses, the revisionist forces in Arab and Iraq in particular are collaborating with the US imperialism and its lackeys.

The people of Iraq, the people of Palestine, the people of Iran and the people of whole Arab and the world will rise up against the imperialist occupation. Their collective struggle and unity will force the US imperialism and its lackeys to flee like the herd of fox that is chased by a tiger. The people of the world cannot be cowed and bullied by the forces of US imperialism a single day, each day that is proved by the heroic children of Palestine who are mounting the heaviest assault on the Israeli occupation or the people of Syria in their collective resistance against the imperialist funded terrorists. The struggle of the people is showing the rise and consolidation of a powerful Third Power, an anti imperialist and non socialist bloc, a chief ally of the proletarian class.

The CPI (M-L) upholds the banner of proletarian internationalism, with largeness of mind it unites with the progressive and revolutionary forces and people of the Arabian Peninsula in particular and that of the world in general to form a broad alliance and united front against US imperialism and its lackeys. Let the following words of leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee be our guiding beacon in uniting with all revolutionary and progressive forces to hasten the doom of world imperialism led by US imperialism:

“At present two camps are facing each other in reality, the imperialist camp and the anti-imperialist camp. Therefore, we must have the mindset to unite with our largeness of mind with those non communists within the anti imperialist camp to strengthen the anti imperialist camp and launch assault on imperialism.

We cannot expect everything from everyone. However, the main point is, if someone participates in the anti imperialist camp, in the present circumstances we will of course support them, assist them and unite with them. We should not have any hesitation on this.” (ibid, pp 259)


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