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Zionist Israeli Aggressors Hands Off Palestine!

The massive massacre of innocent Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza strip perpetuated by the Zionist Israeli forces led by reactionary Netanyahu regime and supported by the US imperialism has aroused the anger and hatred of the people of the world against the Zionist Israeli regime and its US imperialist masters across the globe.
Utilising the situation of chaos in Iraq, Syria and the reconciliation move of the reactionary Iranian regime towards the US imperialism, the Israeli aggressors bombed Gaza strip killing more than 200 people and have launched the land assault with its reserve troops.
The Palestinian people will not absorb this humiliation silently, the Palestinian people with rich revolutionary heritage will certainly unite against the aggressor enemy and escalate their liberation struggle to a new height. No United Nations or other governments of western imperialist nations will come to rescue the people of Palestine.
Chairman Mao said “The oppressed peoples and nations must not pin their hopes for liberation on the “sensibleness” of imperialism and its lackeys. They will only triumph by strengthening their unity and persevering in their struggle.”
Chairman Mao also taught us that a small power can defeat a bigger one, and relying upon the people of Palestine and by intensifying the struggle against aggressors of Israel the Palestinian liberation struggle will definitely reach new heights and dig the grave of US imperialism and its running dogs Netanyahu—Perez and Co. in the deserts of the Arab peninsula.
Israeli aggressors hands off Palestine!


Smash Fascism By Advancing On The Path Of Naxalbari—Kamalpur

The revisionist scabs, the running dogs of US imperialism hailed the so called victory of the fascist mastermind of Gujarat Muslim genocide, Narendra Modi and the communal fascist BJP led by him as the “mandate of the people.” And alike a herd of rats they have reversed back to their holes and started spreading the plague of depression among the masses.

The revolutionary peasants and workers on the other hand resorted to the path of Naxalbari—Kamalpur under the valiant leadership of the CPI (M-L) and pledged to spread the struggle of establishing the peasant’s alternative government—revolutionary committees by overthrowing the rule of the feudal lords in the countryside by intensifying and broadening the scope of the armed agrarian revolution.

The establishment of the Charu Mazumdar Nagar, Mahadev Mukherjee Nagar, etc and their consecutive march towards the formation of the revolutionary committee rule and developing to liberated zones is a clear anti thesis and the only path to win victory against the fascist BJP and the reactionary ruling classes.

This very fascism can be smashed by people’s war; and the heroic peasants led by CPI (M-L) with beloved Comrade Manik at the core of its class leadership is marching ahead on that very path.

Let leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee’s clarion call be our guide to action -: “People’s Army is a revolutionary pillar. Revolutionary committee is the revolutionary building.”

Let us destroy the communal fascist BJP and its master US imperialism in the praire fire of people’s war under the valiant leadership of the CPI (M-L).


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