Heroic Struggle Of The Brazilian Workers and People

Brazil, worlds most football crazy nation observed heightened militant working class struggle against the reactionary ruling class and the organization of the FIFA football world cup in Brazil.

Despite the rising inflation and deteriorating condition of the living standard of the broad masses the ruling class of Brazil under the reactionary Dilma Roussef regime spent lavishly to set up the world cup show for Fifa.

The extravaganza and the high level of corruption on one hand and the rising inflation and the worsening economic conditions detonated the explosion of popular outburst against the pro US imperialist regime.

The heroic strikes organized by the working class in Sao Paolo and other cities not only resulted into a total paralysis but brought the working class in direct confrontation with the state security force and the working class of Brazil through its heroic and self less struggle proved again the fact that we are living in the era of Chairman Mao Tse-tung; the very era of the total collapse of imperialism and worldwide advance of the victory of socialism. Revolution is the main trend of this era and with their utmost force the reactionary powers will not be able to contain the heroic working class and the broad masses.




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